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Woman groomer combs Young purebred Cocker Spaniel for a a hairstyle in the room

Wilma's Pet Grooming - Dewsbury

At Wilma's, each grooming session is a bespoke experience tailored just for your pet. From the fluffiest wonders to the most majestic mutts, I cater to all breeds and sizes. Grooming services offered for cats, rabbits and guinea pigs.

Personalised Service

Fully Insured

Fully Qualified

Trimming the Fur on a small puppy

Welcome to Wilma's Pet Grooming Haven!

At Wilma's, your pet's comfort is my top priority. Pet grooming sessions take place in a relaxed, air-conditioned environment (during those warmer months) ensuring a stress-free experience from start to finish.

Every session is a personalised one-to-one affair, lasting around two and a half hours. Why rush when we can enjoy some quality time together? And it's not just dogs who get the special treatment! Cats, rabbits, and even guinea pigs are welcome.

A young grey puppy asleep on a grey couch

Grooming Services

Grooming Dog. Pet Groomer Brushing Dog's Hair With Comb At Animal Beauty Spa Salon


A personalised one-one grooming session for all dog breeds.

A professional cat groomer finishes the grooming on a cat. The pet is laying on a grooming


Personalised grooming for your cat in a very relaxed environment.

A grey Rabbit on Dry Grass

Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

Dry baths and nail trimming for your rabbits and guinea pigs.

My sessions include:

  • Two luxurious baths, leaving your pet feeling fresh and clean.

  • A gentle blow dry for that perfect fluff.

  • Nail trimming to keep those claws in check.

  • Ear cleaning to ensure optimal health.

  • Sanitary area cleaning

  • Customised grooming to your specifications.

A grey top with the Wilma's dog grooming logo printed on
Woman grooming dog in pet salon, close-up
Dog grooming a poodle in a grooming saloon
A black dog sitting on a grooming table

Hand Stripping Service

Hand stripping is the process of excess dead topcoat, without clipping, leaving room for the new coat to grow and giving a more natural look.

It also keeps the dog's coat waterproof and healthy, leaving it strong and shiny. This is done by gently plucking/pulling the hairs out in the direction of growth.

"Thank you for grooming our Yorkie, you have done a fantastic job. He has never looked so good. Will definitely be back. Thanks again.
- Jane. Facebook.

Book an Appointment

Give me a call today to schedule an appointment or to enquire about any of the services I offer.

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